300W led grow light H158
March 27, 2017
full spectrum led grow light
500W smart COB led grow light Cholora BA C2
March 23, 2017
096I-1 096I-1


2017 New arival remote control dimmable hydroponic full spectrum led grow lighting
Power: 400W
2017 New arrival remote control dimmable hydroponic full spectrum led grow to light
  1. Full spectrum: including red 660nm, 630nm, blue 450 nm, full spectrum 400-800nm.
  2. High PAR Value: COB 100W*4 PCS, actual power over 250W, 12750 lms, 3000 umol@30 M.
  3. Spectrum changeable & customize by Remote control or WIFI control, plus brightness dimmable.
  • Name :Cholor BA C3
  • Model No.: BS-096I
  • Power: 400W
  • LED: Bridgelux 5W*84 Pcs
  • Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Luminous Flux : 20000 lm
  • Wavelength: red 660nm , 630nm, blue 450 nm , full spectrum 400-800nm
  • Fixture Size : W335*L335*H80 mm
  • Packing Size : 410*410*160 mm
  • N.W.: 5.4kg
  • G.W.: 6.5kg
  • @0.2m :4000 umol /Footprint :0.5*0.5m
  • @0.3m :3000 umol /Footprint :0.6*0.6m
  • @0.45m :1700 umol /Footprint :0.7*0.6m
  • @0.6m :1000 umol /Footprint :0.8*0.8m
  • @0.8m :600 umol /Footprint :1.0*1.0m
  • @1.0m :380 umol /Footprint :1.2*1.2m
  • @1.2m :280 umol /Footprint :1.4*1.4m
Remote control Functions:
  1. timer on/off within 24 h.
  2. 4 modes available: seeding, growing, flower, sun-shine mode
  3. User-defined mode: red and blue+full spectrum mode available, can separately dimming from 10-100%, can effect to brightness dimmable and spectrum changeable.
  4. dimmable at any status of lighting and light status can show on the LCD screen.
  5. 1-1 control, also can 1-N control within 30 meters.



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