sk154r 400w -1
400W COB Sunlight LED Grow light -SK154
November 2, 2017
COB modular LED grow light 900w
July 20, 2017

HP COB Modular led grow light

Product Feartures

  1,Aluminum lamp case
Aluminum lase case not only promote solve heat sink problem. but also help LED output power to be maximum.
2,Ultra slim
Newest HP version ultra slim design not only slim but also super power output moreover can save 30% of shipping cost base on same watt .
3,Nutrition LED
Bysen bring revolutionary spectrum LED design. we call Nutrition LED, Nutrition LED spectrum include all of single color LED range from 380nm to 850nm. Light energy is double, it is first choice of directly replace sunshine
4,5W LED + 75W COB
75W COB and 5W LED is perfect group , not only solve light uniform problem but also solved PAR value not enough problem ,Plus Aluminum lamp case good heat support us do right thing
5,Individual sphere optical lens
individual sphere lens is best lens after we test many way. the center of sphere lens is 90 degree, light also will output wider away from the center of lens. This mean we not only ensure par level but also ensure coverage area. .
Power output : 1500W
Power Draw : 220V 950W /110V 800W
Input voltage : AC100-240V 50/60 hz
Module=(5W*12 +COB 75W)*16

3.Products Dimensions &weight
640x640x60mm /N.W: 12.4 kg
4.Coverage&Par value
@ 30 cm (12inch) height : coverage =0.9*0.9m /Par =2500 umol
@ 45 cm (18 inch) height : coverage =1.1*1.1m /Par =2145umol
@ 60 cm (24inch) height : coverage =1.3*1.3m/ Par =1650umol
@ 80cm (131.5 inch) height : coverage =1.8*1.8 m/ Par =755umol
@ 100cm (40inch) height : coverage =2.3*2.3m Par =408 umol
Veg : bloom: full power :

6.Package& Parts
1 pc/ctn box :1 pc/ctn box : 75*73*13 cm /G.W :14.0 kg
Parts include : Power cord +hanging accessory set
7.lifespan &Warranty
50000 hours
2 years (free shipping and parts )
If you are interested , do not hesitate to send us a email to : , we will response within 24 hours !



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