LED Grow Light: How Their Use Has Evolved Over The Years

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July 17, 2017
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There is a reason why we take a vacation. It’s not just to get away from the city life. But also enjoy the natural surroundings that are no more a part of our daily hectic routines. No more do we witness the natural green environment. Call it pollution or blame the increasing climatic changes, scenic beauty has been marred over the years due to these and various other reasons.

During weekends, people would rather prefer to stay at home than to be a part of the busy streets of Shenzhen. A sense of well being is what people look forward to when they are at their homes. And to enhance this sense of well being further, people today prefer to grow their plants indoor.

Why Indoor Plantation?

For some it’s a hobby while for others it is a sense of understanding that no longer plants can stand up to the changing climatic conditions. In fact, these changes is one of the prominent reasons why indoor plantation has become so popular over the years. From droughts to floods, our plantations go through a lot of harsh conditions, ultimately leading them to failure.

Horticultural specialists emphasize on indoor plantation too. And they have their own reasons for it. Let’s explore them below.

Farming Culture On Decline

While you notice your city catching up with other developed cities of the world, you fail to acknowledge that at what cost is this process taking place. As urban culture is on the rise, the window for farming culture declines. More land is used to develop a city rather than being used in active farming. A scenario such as this has led to the promotion of modern farming techniques like indoor plantation.

Population on the Rise

According to a study by United Nations, world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by the year 2050. Sounds like a tall claim. What’s more? If this prediction is true, then approximately 66% of the population will be living in the urban areas.

So if this does happen, food crisis is sure to be one of the reasons for people’s suffering. Gaining a strong hold in food security should be the primary focus as per the ongoing situation too. Understanding the needs of people, horticulturist keep on emphasizing on the need for indoor farming.

The Increasing Threat of Global Warming

Changing climatic conditions is not just a concern for the horticulturist but also for the people facing its impact. And a lot is to be blamed at the increasing level of pollution. The experts believe that there will be a time when plants will no longer be able to survive in the extreme climatic conditions.

Sounds scary, but holds a lot of potential in proving the experts right. No wonder, more and more focus is given to growing plants indoor.

But this practice is not only encouraged on a large scale but also at homes. People who enjoy gardening have resorted to indoor gardening practices. By adopting this method, they not only create an attractive sitting place for themselves but also grow their own healthy and fresh food.

For starters, all you need is a timer, rubber-backed rug, fan, and a source of light. While others are easy to get, light becomes the deciding factor. Though window sills are a convenient option, getting the right amount of light for plants to grow isn’t that easy from such a source either. Plus, not all your rooms may have the same amount of light that will help the plants to grow.

So, what do you do?

That’s How Grow Lights Came In Picture

Some people also try to use their light bulbs during the plantation process. But it does not have a good success rate. With all these hit and trial methods, manufacturers came up with the idea of grow lights that help people perform their indoor gardening practices easily. And they’ve turned out to be a reliable source for replacing the natural light and emit the right amount of light for photosynthesis.

Except, the same greenhouse lovers tend to find themselves in a tiff when choosing between HID and LED grow lights. To reach a decision with clarity, they always ensure to make a comparison between the LED and HID light sources. In case, you are new to both these sources, then here’s what you’ve got to know.

Comparison Between HID & HPS Light V/S LED Grow Light

HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights were a prominent source of light to grow plants indoor. However, that changed once the LED grow lights were perfected in their comparison to provide people a better option.

HID Grow Lights

High intensity discharge lights are known as strong resource for light that is easily available at cheaper rates. This pocket friendly light source is divided in two categories – HPS and metal halide (MH). But this light lacks flexibility, therefore making the job of growers complicated. In fact, with this source, growers are left with choices like HPS and MH to help them grow their indoor plants successfully.

While HPS is known for emitting high amount of yellow/orange and red light, MH is the source for blue light. Both lack the USP of the other. Plants grown with the help of HPS light can turn out to be skinnier and longer plants in comparison to the normal plants. The same is not true in case of MH lights. Plants readily absorb the blue light in comparison to the red light emitted by HPS. Also, both sources of light aren’t recommended to grow all types of plants because they get denied of the complete light spectrum that help to complete the photosynthesis process.

This led growers with a choice between HPS and MH, sacrificing factors like quality and yields during the growth cycle of the plants. But this is where LED grow lights make all the difference.

LED Grow Lights

LED light fixtures are known for delivering the right light spectrum that plants need to fulfill the process of photosynthesis. LED grow lights also end the need to invest in sub-optimal light options or even move the plants at their different stages of growth to help them get the right source of light.

Although this wasn’t true earlier when LED grow lights were launched in market. In fact, it was hard for them to compete against HID grow lights. This is as similar to traditional light bulbs getting replaced by LED bulbs. However, with various changes made to the technology of LED grow lights, they have subsequently taken over the HID lights. LED lights have also become more preferable in the commercial operations of indoor plantation.

Over the years, the technology of LED lights has evolved. Today, growers have the control to monitor and adjust the light settings of LED grow light through their tablets or phone at anytime, from anywhere in the world. Other than that, there are manufacturers who are working towards coming up with a technology in LED grow lights where sensors will monitor the growth of the plants and adjust the lighting according to the plant’s needs.

All this development looks fancy, except the initial investment towards LED grow light can burden your pockets. But remember, quality is only achieved once you make the right investment decision. And LED grow lights stand true to their name. In case, you still feel that making an investment towards this option is a tough choice, then you always have the sourcing agents in Shenzhen to help you out.

They understand the needs of commercial and residential growers. They known that LED grow lights can burn a hole in your pocket. But what they truly understand is helping people grow plants with longer lifespan is what going to help in future. Unlike HID lights, LED grow lights can help people gain higher yields and this is something sourcing agents know and understand as it is an urgent need of the hour.

These agents ensure to find the right supplier that helps people purchase the LED grow lights in bulk. What’s more? Sourcing agents today also stay in constant touch with the supplier to make the process smooth. They even take up the responsibility of checking every piece at their warehouse to make sure that only quality is being delivered to their customer’s doorstep. And guess what, they look after your product shipping process.

Bottom Line…

With changing environment and climatic conditions, there will be a time when growing plants outdoor will be a challenge. And the only viable alternative to this is growing plants indoor. Earlier, it was just a thought but it shaped into reality once HID grow lights came into the picture.

The HPS and MH categories available under the HID grow light option can surely help people work towards indoor plantation. However, the yield isn’t that impressive. To overcome the bottlenecks of HID grow lights, manufacturers also came up with the technology of LED lights. Though it was not as perfect as HID lights, still over the years it got perfected to such an extent that ultimately it replaced them from the market.

Today LED grow lights are becoming a backbone for indoor plantation. It can be used at both commercial and residential levels, giving people the opportunity to save plantation and also build a separate space at home where they can relax and get the outdoor feel during weekends. So if you are into indoor plantation, then choosing LED grow lights should be your first step. The rest of the requirements will follow once the source of light is in place.

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