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July 17, 2017
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HPS&HID bulb VS LED grow light

Growing indoor plants with LED grow lights is one of the most popular topics. There are only a handful of growers who are using LED lights, though, but their numbers are increasing rapidly with each day. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that there are all kinds of questions about them and people wonder if they really are better than HPS lights.
Do they save money?
Do you make up for the high cost of setting up LED lights when it comes to electricity bill savings?
Do LED lights even flower Summer crops when you need them to?
It seems that LED lights might be better for both your wallet and the environment, so why not take a closer look at LED grow lights Vs HPS lights? A lot of people think that it sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that there are very good reasons to choose LED lights.
                                                                                                                                  HPS&HID bulb VS LED grow light
power high power,high enegry consumption 1/2 power of HPS ,low enegry consumption
lifespan 2000-3000 hours 50000-60000 hours
efficiency only 80% light are effictive for plant , 20% are waste as can not absorb by plant customized spectrum for plant , 99% effictive light spectrum
spectrum can not adustable during grow period different spectrum& switeches design for seeding /veg/bloom
dimmable can not dimable yes , can be dimable if required
assitant part need cooling system like fans , AC,reflectors ,ballast ect. on need , have build in driver supply, fans ,optic lens,
yield high yield super high yield , extra 20-30% havest
safety high pressure bulb class I product more safe
price 1/2 price than LED a little expensive but long tern cost-efficient
conclusion LED is low consumption , long lifespan , high efficiency , bightness dimable and spectrum adjutable , more simple to grow , high yield , more safe , long term cost-efficient !

The Results

Compared to HPS grow lights, LED grow lights shine in every way. In particular, the light intensity and heat that they put out is something to be admired. Light Intensity. A lot of people worry about the kind of intensity that LED lights can provide. Compared to HPS lights, the intensity is near even. What stands out is that LED lights can’t compete when measured based on standards for these kinds of lights. LED lights, in tests, out perform HPS lights every time, even if they don’t seem to actually produce a more intense light. When testing them, LED grow lights were able to produce an even yield and seem to show that future advances in the technology will help increase the yield even more, especially when compared to HPS lights.


If you are using HPS grow lights and have to constantly battle heat, LED lights offer an incredible advantage. Rather than spending extra money circulating air and attempting to cool it enough to not burn your plants, LED lights can nearly touch your plants without harming them in any way. Of course, if you grow in cold weather, HPS lights might still be beneficial, although it might often be easier to simply heat the grow room, rather than run the risk of using HPS lighting systems. The heat output of LED grow lights might increase as they grow larger and larger, but the current kinds used by many growers are warm to the touch, with none of the burning heat that conventional grow lights offer.


LED lights have been tested on yield time and time again. Overall, most indoor growers that use HPS lights achieve a yield of .5 grams per watt. For comparison, LED lights usually achieve 1g to 1.5g per watt, making them up to three times more effective. With each harvest, you will have three times the product that you would otherwise!


The average HPS setup lasts for around 10,000 hours. That is a long time when it comes to growing, but LED lights take it so much further. An LED light setup can last you 50,000-60,000 hours. T


LED lights compared to HPS lights, are much more versatile. The bulky HPS lights don’t offer much in terms of versatility. LED lights, however, can be positioned around your plants and relatively close, due to the lack of heat that comes off of them.

More effective

The type of light that LED lights put out as well is specifically tailored for the flowering and vegetative stages of growth. HPS lights put out the entire wavelength, but LED lights focus on blue and red spectrums that fit the needs of the plant and makes sure that every bit of light is used specifically for a phase of the growth process.

LED is low consumption , long lifespan , high efficiency , bightness dimable and spectrum adjutable , more simple to grow , high yield , more safe , long term cost-efficient !

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