About us

  • 2004, Baisheng Founded specialized in LED encapsulation .

  • 2006, Baisheng firstly produced LED grow light in China.

  • 2008, Enlarge to capacity of 6,000 sq㎡ &300 workers , turnover reach 20 million USD dollars .

  • 2010, Firstly released 2nd generation led grow light -modular led grow light.

  • 2012, Initiatively invented sunlight full spectrum cooperated with USA Cornell university and adapted on products ,highly improved growing harvest

  • 2014, 3rd generation led grow light released that is COB full spectrum Cholora BA C2 lead market trend again.

    full spectrum led grow light
  • 2015, enlarge different product series by using core advantage -full spectrum .

    Full Spectrum Plant LED Grow Light
  • 2016, reorganized by new investor Sophie Zhang &developed smart function led grow light

    High Power LED Grow light
  • 2017, still keeping moving&learning in led grow light ......